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Tempo Timesheets Integration

Tempo Timesheets keeps most important worklog information on their servers. So Jira (and therefore Сlerk) can’t see it. If you are using Tempo, please connect Tempo Timesheets to access your Tempo team time in Clerk.

Enabling Tempo Timesheets integration is super easy! Go to Settings ▸ Integrations, click Connect Tempo Timesheets button and follow the onscreen instructions:

Tempo Timesheets integration will unlock the following features:

  1. Ability to see real people names in the invoice time reports if your team logs time in Tempo
  2. Ability to filter invoice time by Tempo account

You have to be the Tempo administrator to enable this integration, since your Tempo access rights will define what time could be accessed from Clerk.


Currently Safari for macOS has a bug that blocks Tempo from granting access to any app. Please use any other browser to enable Tempo Timesheets integration.