Automated Invoicing for Jira

Clerk Invoices analyzes your team time in Jira, builds invoices with time reports and sends them to your accounting app

QuickBooks Integrated​

Export Clerk invoices to QuickBooks Online

Xero Integrated​

Export Clerk invoices to Xero (beta)

Tempo Integrated

Create invoices from Tempo team time

Before Clerk Invoices

Manually create every invoice. Copy-paste time from Jira reports into the invoice spreadsheet. Export time reports and manually attach them to invoice. Wait, have I invoiced this project?..


Oh my… 🤯

With Clerk Invoices

Invoices are created automatically right in Jira based on time from worklogs. Time and cost reports are generated and attached to invoices. Uninvoiced hours reported. And more!


Oh my! 😍

Create Invoices from Jira Time in a Few Clicks

Flexible Time Filters

Filter imported invoice time from Jira by employee, project, issue type and other parameters

JQL Time Filters

Filter invoice time by JQL that may have any filtration logic and can operate any Jira issue field


Apply multiple taxes to invoices. Enable or disable taxes for any invoice item individually.


Add discount to invoices. Easily enable or disable discount for any invoice item individually.

Fixed Price

Charge clients using fixed price model or add fixed price expenses to time and materials invoices


Just add fixed price item with negative amount to take into account a retainer from a client

Invoice Generator can generate multiple invoices for multiple clients at once. You even don’t need to know who worked on what. The app will analyze all Jira time and automatically build invoices for all clients with uninvoiced time.

You can create invoices manually. In this mode you can specify time filter for every time and materials item and set hourly rate. The app will calculate the amount to be paid.

Focus on Things 🚀 You Love
and Clerk Will Automate Your Routine Work!

Don’t Miss Uninvoiced Time

Don’t miss uninvoiced employees time in Jira. See what projects are not invoiced. Create an invoice in a few clicks.

Client Analytics

See the total revenue and the total debt of each client. Find out which client has generated the most profit and who is the biggest debtor.

Monthly Time Reports

Check if all time is invoiced. See the total time spent. See the team billable vs non-billable time.

Reports for Clients

Detailed time and cost reports for clients. Speed up invoice payments by being more transparent.

Track Non-Billable Projects

Set internal projects as non-billable to see billable vs non-billable time in reports.

Cash Flow Analytics

View the monthly cash flow graph and total cash flow for the year. See if you have unpaid invoices. View total clients debt by month and year.

Invoicing in Jira is a Simple Task 👌 with Clerk

Pricing for Jira Cloud

Up to 10 Users


flat fee

Free 30 Day Trial

11–100 Users


per user

Free 30 Day Trial

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