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Recurring Invoices

Many companies charge clients for the same projects on a monthly or weekly/bi-weekly basis. The best way to handle this is to use Invoice Generator that can generate all invoices for all your clients in a few clicks based on invoice templates. You just selected invoiced dates range and click Generate button.

In addition to Invoice Generator, there is a manual way to work with recurring invoices using Duplicate function. When you need to create an invoice for the next month, just open the one from the previous month and click Duplicate from the Actions menu. All invoice time filters and other field values will persist. And all you need is just to reimport time from Jira for the new dates:

Why We Don’t Create Recurring Invoices Automatically

Most companies have a time review process before creating invoices. At the end of the month, the reviewer person carefully checks the team time logged in Jira and sometimes asks some employees to correct time in their worklogs. This is a back and forth process, and it may take some time. So it is hard to predict the exact day of the month when the team time will be fully approved.

So, making recurring invoice to be automatically generated at day X of every month may lead to mistakes, because when time is imported into the invoice, it never changes automatically to keep the invoiced amount persistent. Read the How Importing Time Works article for more details.

If you have a different scenario in your company and need the automation with recurring invoices, please tell us about your case, and we will think of how we can cover your scenario in next versions of Clerk Invoices!