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What is Clerk Invoices

Clerk Invoices is the Jira Cloud app, that helps to create invoices for your clients with automatically generated time and cost reports.

If you are using time and materials pricing model, Clerk can import time from Jira worklogs into an invoice in a few clicks! Of course, you can enter time manually or add fixed price invoice items and retainers.

Unlike other tools, Clerk is deeply integrated into Jira. Thanks to this, Clerk can filter imported invoice time in lots of different ways — by Project, Employee, Issue Type, Version, Component etc. You can even filter imported time by JQL.

Clerk has 2 modes for creating invoices:

  1. Creating Invoices Manually. This mode works perfectly when you have small projects with few invoices.
  2. Creating Invoices Using Generator. This mode allows generating all invoices for all your clients in a few clicks at the end of your billing cycles based on invoice templates. Here you have centralized team structure management using team schemes. And centralized hourly rate management using price lists. This mode works perfectly for bigger companies and provides more automation.

Let’s quickly see how each of these modes works in next 2 articles. For more information, please read other articles in the Clerk Invoices Help Center.