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Managing Clients

A client is a person or organization who pays for the invoices. In this article, you will get an understanding of how to create, view, edit and delete clients.

List of Clients

To view a list of clients, just go to the Clients main menu tab. For every client in the list, you could see amount totals, amounts graph and number of invoices:

Viewing Clients

Clicking on the specific client in the list will open the client details page. That page has a list of invoices and invoice templates, plus amounts total for the selected client:

Creating or Editing Clients

  • To create a new client, just click the Create Client button in the list of clients
  • To edit the existing client, click the Edit button on a client page

Both create and edit client windows look like this:

Every client has the following fields that are displayed on all invoices of that client. That fields will also be visible on the invoices that you share with the client:

Client NameThe name of the client.
Client DetailsIn this field, you can put client’s company address and other legal information, like bank details, VAT/taxpayer number etc.
Default Payment TermNumber of days to pay an invoice. This field is used to calculate default Due Date for all new invoices of the client.

Deleting Clients

To delete a client, just open the client’s edit window and click Delete Client.

Deleting a client will also delete all client’s invoices and invoice templates. This can not be undone.