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Tracking Time Budgets

Time budgets allow you to track hours budgets based on linked invoices and linked quotes.

Here’s how time budgets work:

  • When you create the Clerk project, the time budget is not enabled for it by default, you need to enable it in the edit project window.
  • Both invoices and quotes can add to or spend the budget. The total number of hours of invoices and quotes is used.
  • You can set a static hours budget that will be summarized with hours from invoices or quotes that add to the budget.
  • Each money budget has its currency. Only the total number of hours from invoices and quotes in that currency will affect the project time budget.
  • You can restrict what invoice and quote statuses affect the budget. For example, you could make it so that draft invoices don’t spend the budget.
  • All linked invoices and quotes are displayed on the budget details screen