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Clerk Invoices API

You can use Clerk Invoices REST API to make a custom integration with any system. This API provides full features set that you can see in the app.

Currently, we provide Clerk Invoices API access in manual mode. If you want to use the API, please contact us and we will issue a static authorization token for you. We will provide the API documentation as well.

Since this is the same API that is used by the Clerk Invoices app in Jira, you can use your browser’s web tools to inspect API calls that you are interested in.


After you will get a static authorization token, you need to put it in every API request in the Authorization header in the following format:

Authorization: JWT {your_token}

Note, that you need to prepend the token with ‘JWT’ and one space.

We can also rotate the token per your request.


The API root URL is


API Docs

You can find the API documentation here.